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We are pleased to now present
an Events Management and Ticket sales platform for Large and Small Businesses.

How it works for Customers
Simply click on an Event, fill in the simple registration form and pay for your Ticket via PayPal's secure checkout. PayPal will redirect you to your Tickets retrieval page, where you can access your Ticket.

Your Ticket will be presented to you via the retrieval page, by Email, also sent to your mobile phone as a Text message. There is also a print button on the retrieval page to print your Ticket there and then.

Event Planners
This Website is accessible via PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone and is complete with Content Management System for Managing your Adverts and Contacts Mailing List. is designed for ease of use and can be totally managed by you. Manage one or multiple Events with ease.

With it’s totally free to advertise Event/s that does not require us to dispense Tickets via this website.

If you would like to sell Tickets to your Event/s on this Website, we charge 5% commission for all Events.

We charge 5% in advance once your Tickets are made available for Sale on this Website.

When registering to place a Ticketed Event Advert on this Website, you need to register an active PayPal email Address in order to receive payments from Customers.

After placing your Ticketed Event Advert on this Website, you’ll be provided with a PayPal payment Button, where you must pay 5% of the total value of your Events Tickets being sold.

We reserve the right to remove any Adverts that are not paid for.

Remember Ads are Free that don’t require Tickets.

Skill Exchange
You can now offer your skill/s in exchange for another that someone else is offering on this website. You can place these Ads totally free once your signed up.

Signup For Skill Exchange

Thanks for your time and best wishes from the team