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  • Event Name: Eden School of Dance <br/>Event Description: Eden School of Dance<p></p>
For more information contact Helen 07871739461 <br/>Event Date: 18-12-2017<br/>Starts: 16:00pm - Ends: 05:30pm<br/>Event Address: Castle Connections, Well Rd/Railway Terrace, Queenborough, ME11 5AY<br/>Entrance Fee: £5.00<br/>Note! THIS IS A BOOK TICKET BY PHONE/PAY AT THE DOOR EVENT
  • Event Name: Free Ads For Networking Events <br/>Event Description: Write a brief description about your event here. <br/>Event Date: 31-12-2017<br/>Starts: 00:00 - Ends: 00:00<br/>Event Address: Write the address of your Event here.<br/>Entrance Fee: £1.50<br/>Note! Tickets left: 28
  • Event Name: Circle of Life Exhibition <br/>Event Description: A celebration of all life's events under one roof. We start at birthing celebrations by way of naming ceremonies then we follow on with weddings especially different ideas such as hand fasting, jumping the broom, candle ceremonies etc and finish the circle with displays and information on death and funerals. Our artisans bring a quality and uniqueness to each life event. You can be guaranteed to find something unique for your life event created by an artist in their field. If you seek quality created by small businesses throughout the country this is the show for you. There will be interactive events going on as well as the ability to speak to the artisans.Open to trade and public alike. There will also be informative and supportive groups present in each field. This is a not for profit event to bring small companies, artisans and charities together to offer you unique ideas, products, services and support. Free entry on the day. <br/>Event Date: 30-09-2017<br/>Starts: 10:00 - Ends: 17:00<br/>Event Address: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
G2 3NY<br/>Entrance Fee: £0.00<br/>Note! THIS IS A FREE EVENT
  • Event Name: Zumba <br/>Event Description: Zumba <br/>Event Date: 18-12-2017<br/>Starts: 18:00 - Ends: 19:00<br/>Event Address: Castle Connections Railway Terrace, Well Rd Queenborough ME11 5AY. Entrance via Library car park<br/>Entrance Fee: £5.00<br/>Note! THIS IS A BOOK TICKET BY PHONE/PAY AT THE DOOR EVENT
  • Event Name: Sacred Tear Qigong Tai Chi <br/>Event Description: MASTERS FRANK & TRISH<p></p>
Come along every Wednesday 10am-11am to discover the many benefits of   <p></p>
this wonderful combination of exercise, meditation and healing. 
Just £4.00 per session. 
First session is FREE!!<p>
<p> <br/>Event Date: 20-12-2017<br/>Starts: 10:00am - Ends: 11:00am<br/>Event Address: Castle connections, Well Rd/Railway Terrace, Queenborough, ME11 5AY
01795661277 or<br/>Entrance Fee: £4.00<br/>Note! THIS IS A BOOK TICKET BY PHONE/PAY AT THE DOOR EVENT

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